Celebrating one year of myDromon

Dromon Bureau of Shipping celebrates a successful year since myDromon first launched, a user friendly, web-based application that enhances the transition to the digital age and ensures effectiveness, accuracy and desired quality of the services provided.


Reflecting on myDromon a year after launching

Reflecting a year back in 2021, on the date that myDromon lunched, Dromon Bureau of Shipping can only celebrate a successful year and take pride on the effectiveness and merits that the application has provided throughout the organization and the provided services.

As a part of DBS digital strategy, the application launched on the 1st of August 2021. The aim of this project was to improve effectiveness and quality of providing services through seamless communication between surveyors/auditors and Dromon Head office. The result, as planned and expected, was the transforming of the surveying procedure paperless and consequently digital.

This transforming of the surveying procedure, consisting of online instructions to surveyors/auditors, electronic checklists and certificates and online verification of certificates has resulted in a fast and secure deliverance of the desired services. By being accessible by PC’s, tablets and smartphones, time difference between zones has been eliminated and has also given the ability to access a vessel’s records on a 24/7 basis wherever someone may be.

Aiming for constant improvement, relishing the benefits

Dromon Bureau of Shipping is committed to the constant improvement of the platform, the upgrade of the functionalities and the enhancement of the abilities given to both Head Office personnel and surveyors/auditors through feedback from foresaid users and clients.

The application has been constantly enhanced and improved since its first launch and has become an invaluable tool for the organization. All the desired goals and merits, as expected during its planning, have been achieved and reaped, and so DBS is right to take pride in such an accomplishment.

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