Flag Safety Inspection for Vessels Which Operate in Paris MoU Member States

Notice to: Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators | Surveyors/Auditors | Service Suppliers

C22039 | 30 October 2022

The Panama Maritime Authority issued a notice MMN-02/2022, where it informs about Flag Safety Inspection for Vessels Which Operate in Paris MoU Member States.

Paris MoU implemented an initiative to identify high-quality ships and flag registries by providing incentives to encourage quality operations. This initiative is called “White List”, and through this initiative, high-quality vessels should be recognized and rewarded for their commitment to safety and quality.

Panama Maritime Authority currently belongs to the Paris MoU White List; however, the Authority detected an increase on detentions within the Paris MoU jurisdiction. It has also been detected that among other reasons, one of the most common factor is related to the vessel´s age. Being the most detained vessel, those older than 20 years of construction.

For the aforementioned and in order to maintain the whitelist status in the Paris MoU, this Administration has decided that all Panama flag vessels over 20 years of age that arrive at any port in the countries that are signatories of this MoU, shall be subject to a Flag safety inspection (ASI) each six (6) months.

This campaign is temporarily and is preventing possible detentions, and / or delays to vessels of the Panama Flag Registry.

Non-compliance with the provisions of this marine notice will be subject to monetary and administrative sanctions and if there is recurrence found, the removal/cancellation of the vessel from the flag registry may be applicable.

Act Now

Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators are requested to provide full support to the duly approved ASI inspectors holding an Authorization to carry out this flag inspection. The inspection must be done in situ, no remote flag inspection should be allowed, and a full report must be sent through the platform and/or to the navigation and maritime safety department of the Administration in cases where deficiencies are found and actions from the master, crew or company is requested.

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