Reporting Port State Detentions of Barbadian Vessels

C23012 | 20 February 2023

Notice to: Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators / Surveyors/ Auditors

Barbados Maritime Ship Registry issued Bulletin 289, Reporting Port state Detentions Bulletin 289

It has come to our attention that some owners/managers are failing to notify the flag administration when their ship has been detained. When the Port State also fails to notify the flag administration, for whatever reason, the window of opportunity to assess the report and consider the findings has passed.

It is a matter of fact that the failure of a few managers/owners to meet the standards expected of them on the Barbados flag, adversely affects all other ships on our flag and their owners, and threatens the standing of the Barbados flag’s reputation as a Quality register.

We would wish to remind all concerned that Barbados has a policy of de-registering any ship which is detained twice in a 12 month period, or suffers three detentions over a three year period. A copy of the Policy statement follows.

BMSR Policy Statement

Compulsory de-registration of ships.

Vessels sailing under the flag of Barbados are bound to comply with the Administrations primary objectives of ensuring that their ships remain compliant at all times with international agreed maritime standards.

The upholding of these standards is monitored by the recording of adverse comment/action made against Barbados ships by the following assessors of compliance:

• BMSR Nautical Inspectors
• Classification Surveyors
• Port State Control Inspectors
• Underwriters inspectors
• Vetting Inspectors

Such adverse comment/action made against a Barbados ship will be assessed against the following criteria of both the frequency of such occasions where comment/action are made against the ship and the promptness and suitability of the ship operator’s corrective action.

In cases where the Administration feels that the adverse comment/action against the ship indicates that the ship and its operation is failing to meet the primary objectives of the Barbados Maritime Administration, then the Administration reserves the right to de-register the ship by its removal from the Barbados International Register of Ships following the giving of seven days notice.

Over and above the preceding observations, the Administration will move to de-register a vessel following the giving of seven days notice following either:

• Port State Control detains the vessel for a second time in 12 months.
• Port State Control detains the vessel for a third time in 36 months.

Where vessels are detained that are:

• Outside the three month time window for completing the Flag State inspection AFSI.

Such vessels will be considered for de-registration on a case by case basis.

Act now

Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators should take into consideration all the above and ensure compliance of Barbadian vessels and Surveyors/ Auditors should confirm the said compliance during surveys / audits as appropriate.

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