Correction of deficiences found in ASI Inspections

C23032 | 27 June 2023

Notice to: Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators/ DPAs and Masters of Panamanian flagged ships

This circular is issued to advise that the Panama Maritime Authority has issued a circular, MMC-201, which details how correction of deficiencies raised during the Annual Safety Inspection (ASI) are to be reported to the Administration.

The correction of deficiencies are to be reported by e-mail, to, using the Monitoring and Correction of Deficiencies Form as soon as possible, and within 30 days from the date of the Inspection. Supporting documents should be submitted with the report. Such documents may include, depending on the type or class of deficiency:

  • Pictures
  • Class or recognized organization survey reports
  • Certificates of maintenance
  • Invoices
  • Other documents showing the correction carried out

The Administration requires that this procedure be documented in the ship’s ISM manual and a review of the status of the last flag state inspection will be made during each verification audit relevant to the Safety Management Certificate. Where any deficiencies have not been closed by the Administration, or corrections of deficiencies have not been reported to the Administration, then this fact will be recorded as an audit finding.


Act now

Ship Owners, Managers, and Operators are advised to take note of the above and ensure that the onboard ISM Manual is revised as necessary to include this procedure.

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