LSA onboard San Marino flagged yachts

Notice to: Ship Owners / Managers/ Operators / Surveyors / Masters

C23043 | 18 August 2023

This circular is issued to advise the requirements for life-saving appliances onboard San Marino flagged yachts up to 24 metres in load line length as detailed in San Marino Policy Letter SMPL -2021-TEC-011.

The Policy Letter notes that although the requirements of the Small Yacht Safety Code do not apply to pleasure yachts in private use below 24 metres in load line length, full compliance is nevertheless strongly recommended.

In general, all life-saving equipment, including life rafts, lifejackets, and lifebuoys are to be type-approved in compliance with the Life-saving Appliances Code (LSA) or the Marine Equipment Directive (MED), directive 2014/90/EU.


Life rafts:

The life rafts should be:

  • contained in FRP containers or an equivalent suitable arrangement,
  • stowed on the weather deck or in an open space and
  • fitted with float-free arrangements (hydrostatic release units) so that the life raft is able to float free and inflate automatically.

Life rafts provided on board should:

  • be constructed to SOLAS standards,
  • have insulated floor and canopy, and
  • be equipped with a “SOLAS A” pack.

However, in certain environmental conditions, and on yachts below 24 metres in load line length, life rafts may alternatively comply with ISO 9650-1 or ISO 9650-2 standards, as detailed in the Policy Letter



In general, lifejackets should comply with the LSA Code, however under circumstances detailed in the Policy Letter, compliance with ISO12402-2, or ISO12402-3, is acceptable



Lifebuoys must be:

  • marked with the vessel’s name and Port of Registry (San Marino).
  • in compliance with the LSA Code or the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) 2014/90/EU.

Where the equipment installed on board does not comply with the above, an equivalent standard of safety must be guaranteed at all times.

Act now

Yacht Owners, Managers, Operators, Surveyors and Masters should note the contents of the San Marino Policy Letter, and be guided accordingly.

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