San Marino Flag State Notification Procedures

Notice to: Ship Owners / Managers/ Operators / Surveyors / Masters

C23046 | 18 August 2023

This circular is issued to advise the mandatory notification procedure of all casualties, incidents, and Port State Control Inspections involving San Marino-flagged vessels as detailed in the San Marino Policy Letter SMPL-2023-TEC-003 :

When to report:

Incidents or casualties are to be promptly reported when:
1) There is a death or serious injury.
2) The minimum safe manning of the vessel is affected by injuries or illness
3) There is a fire, explosion, grounding, contact, collision, failure, heavy weather damage, ice damage, hull cracking or suspected hull defects resulting in:

a) Structural damage rendering the ship unseaworthy, immobilization of the vessels main engine, validity impairment of any statutory certificate, extensive accommodation damage and or;
b) Noncompliance with statutory, Flag and or Class requirements.

4) A breakdown results in towage being required.
5) There is pollution (in any form or quantity).
6) There is a PSC detention of the vessel.
7) There is a breach of security and or security incidents including but not restricted to piracy, serious robbery, suspected packages, stowaways etc.
8) Any PSC inspection report, regardless if deficiencies are ascertained or not.

What to report:

The initial notification should include:
1) Name of vessel / IMO No.
2) Date / time of the incident.
3) Location of the incident.
4) Description of the incident.
5) Action already taken: Copies of Master’s report/SOF, PSC reports, etc. if available.
6) Contact details of person making report and contact details of the DP/CSO within the Company.
7) Any other relevant information.

In the case of a PSC inspection, the report issued by the Port State Maritime Authority is to be made available to the Administration.

In case of deficiencies, the notification is to be followed by evidence of closure and company follow-up, including:

  • root cause analysis,
  • corrective actions, and
  • preventive actions


If a Recognised Organisation is involved in the follow up activities, a copy of the occasional survey is to be sent to the Administration.

Where to report:

Reports must be sent to
Security beaches and incidents are to be sent to and

Act now

Ship Owners, Managers, Operators, Surveyors and Masters should note the contents of the San Marino Policy Letter, and be guided accordingly.

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