Alert on Detainable Deficiencies

C23050 | 25 August 2023

Notice to: Ship Owners / Managers/ Operators / Surveyors /Auditors

Following a recent Port State Control (PSC) inspection, a deficiency was imposed that resulted in the detention of the vessel. Dromon wishes to draw attention to this detainable deficiency to avoid recurrence.

Bulkhead Corrosion

During the PSC Inspection it was noted that the bulkhead between the Forepeak and the Emergency Fire Pump Room was corroded right through – to such an extent that wooden sticks could be pushed through the bulkhead.

The marine environment, the humid atmosphere due to water vapour, and high temperature due to heating from the sun may result in accelerated corrosion of plating and stiffeners making the structure more vulnerable to exposure.

The root cause for such deficiencies is the combination of the marine environment and the difficulty to access the tanks for the protection and maintenance of the protective coating. If the protective coating is not properly maintained, the hull’s structure may suffer severe localized corrosion.

Where provided, the condition of the corrosion prevention system of ballast tanks is to be examined. For ballast tanks, excluding double bottom tanks, where a hard protective coating is found in POOR condition, and it is not renewed, where soft or semi-hard coating has been applied, or where a hard protective coating has not been applied from the time of construction, the tanks in question are to be examined at annual intervals.

If coatings have broken down and there is evidence of corrosion, it is recommended that random thickness measurements be taken to establish the level of diminution. Where the terms and requirements of the survey dictate thickness measurement, or when the Surveyor deems necessary, it is important that the extent of the gauging be sufficient to determine the general condition of the structure.

When the reduction in thickness of plating and stiffeners has reached the diminution levels permitted by DBS, the wasted plating and stiffeners need to be cropped and renewed.

Shipowners / Managers / Operators are invited once more to pay special attention into such serious deficiencies.

Act now

Surveyors must take note of the above detainable deficiency and give special attention during forthcoming class and statutory surveys irrespective of scope.

Shipowners / Managers / Operators are requested to pay special attention into this deficiency, note the Regulation requirements and take all necessary actions.

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