Alert on Detainable Deficiencies

C23052 | 30 August 2023

Notice to: Ship Owners / Managers/ Operators / Surveyors / Auditors

Following a recent Port State Control (PSC) inspection, several deficiencies have been recorded that resulted in the detention of the vessel. Dromon wishes to draw attention to the detainable deficiencies to avoid recurrence.

The detainable deficiencies:

  • Fixed Fire Extinguishing Installation
    During the PSC Inspection the pipes of the Cargo Hold fixed CO2 extinguishing system were found cracked in two places due to corrosion.

Revised guidelines for the maintenance and inspections of fixed carbon dioxide fire-extinguishing systems can be found in MSC.1 Circ.1318/Rev.1  . Specifically, system piping should be visually inspected annually to check for damage, loose supports and corrosion.

  • Emergency Fire Pump and its Pipes
    The Emergency Fire Pump was found to be inoperative, and without the mechanical seal. There was no spare part onboard.

SOLAS Chapter II-2-Reg. requires fire-fighting systems and appliances to be in good working order and readily available for immediate use.

SOLAS Chapter II-2-Reg. requires maintenance, testing and inspections to be carried out based on the guidelines developed by the Organization and in a manner having due regard to ensuring the reliability of fire-fighting systems and appliances.

Revised guidelines for the maintenance and inspection of fire protection systems and appliances can be found in MSC/Circ.1432, as amended by MSC.1/Circ.1516 , and Dromon Technical Publication “Onboard Maintenance and Drills”, lists the maintenance programme to be followed for fire pumps, in accordance with the above Circulars.

Act now

Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators / Surveyors/ Auditors/ should take into consideration all the above and ensure compliance with the SOLAS Convention and MSC Circulars.

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