Palau – Type approved equipment and ‘to the satisfaction of the Administration’

C23072 | 16 November 2023

Notice to: Ship Owners / Managers/ Operators / Surveyors/ Auditors

This circular is issued to advise the contents of Palau International Ship Registry (PISR) Marine Circulars:


ROs are authorized to approve and accept equipment on Palau vessels on behalf of Palau International Ship Registry (PISR) when:

  1. The equipment is approved and fully certified to the applicable IMO requirements by an RO. Such approved equipment shall bear the marking of the RO that carried out the type approval. The marking shall be traceable to the certification and test documentation of the equipment.
  2. The equipment is approved by the RO or by a duly authorized Notified Body under the Marine Equipment Directive 96/98/EC and issued with valid and appropriate MED Certificates, and marked accordingly.
  3. The equipment is approved by another SOLAS/ MARPOL contracting recognized government.


ROs are authorized to accept the equipment after verifying the following applicable documentation:

  1. The equipment is appropriately approved by a Notified Body under the EC MED with the applicable IMO requirements identified on the Module Certificates and which take into account the construction date of the vessel and the latest requirements.
  2. The type-approval or approval certificates issued by the RO or government are valid. In the absence of any proper documentation, the ROs shall not accept the equipment.


When the equipment is not approved per the requirements above, the RO may submit their recommendation with the relevant documents to PISR for consideration.

For equipment that is already provided on the vessel which does not have approval marking or certification, the equipment is acceptable for use on board, provided:

  1. it is in good working condition; and
  2. it is to the satisfaction of the RO.


Annex I of Marine Circular 176.1 lists PISR requirements related to ‘the satisfaction of the Administration’ and ‘to be specified by the Administration’. This Marine Circular applies to the IMO Mandatory Instruments as well as any other Convention to which the Republic of Palau is a signatory.

Act now

All Ship Owners / Managers / Operators / Surveyors / Auditors should take careful note of the Circulars, and be guided by the requirements contained within.

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