Panama Policy -The Red Ensign Yacht Code

C23079 | 19 December 2023

Notice to: Ship Owners / Managers/ Operators / Surveyors/ Auditors

This circular is issued to advise that the Panama Maritime Authority has updated Circular MMC-370 , Yacht Technical Policy.

The Panama Administration adopted the Red Ensign Group Yacht Code (January 2019 Edition) on 12 September 2018.

The Circular reminds that the Code is intended to apply to yachting, not commercial cruise, excursion, or ferry passenger (including passenger/cargo vessels) sectors of the industry.

The Code consists of a Part A and a Part B, together with Annexes.

Part A applies to:

  • yachts that are:
    • 24 meters and over in load line length;
    • in commercial use for sport or pleasure;
    • do not carry cargo; and
    • do not carry more than 12 passengers.
  • motor or sailing vessels of 24 meters in load line length and over or, if built before 21 July 1968, are of 150 GRT or over and which, at the time, are in commercial use for sport or pleasure and carry no cargo and no more than
    12 passengers.
  • sail training vessels.


Part B applies to:

  • pleasure yachts of any size:
    • in private use or engaged in trade;
    • which carry more than 12 but not more than 36 passengers; and
    • which do not carry cargo.


All yachts registered under the Panama flag are required to have implemented the REG Code, except for yachts from 6 to 24 meters in length that carry less than 12 passengers and are not engaged in commercial activities. Such yachts are required to comply with the Regulations set out in Law Decree 18 of May 30, 1984, which as per Resolution No. 106-82-DGMM still applies to these yachts.

All vessels covered by the Code are required to be surveyed and certified as per the survey guidelines under the IMO Harmonized System of Survey and Certification.

Act now

All Ship Owners / Managers / Operators / Surveyors / Auditors should take note of the above and be guided accordingly.

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