Dromon List of Service Suppliers

C24007 | 22 February 2024

Notice to: Ship Owners / Managers/ Operators /Surveyors/ Auditors :

This Circular is issued to advise that Dromon Bureau of Shipping has published the List of Approved Service Suppliers. The List can be found here: www.dromon.com/approval-of-service-suppliers .

These Service Suppliers have been audited by DromonClass according to our procedures and IACS Unified Rules.

Dromon Surveyors are obliged, when making decisions affecting statutory certification, to use only Dromon Approved Service Providers in countries/ports where such approval has been provided. Further information on the approval process and details of the activities requiring the use of approved suppliers can be found here.

Act now

Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators / Surveyors/ Auditors are invited to take note of the List of Approved Service Suppliers and be guided accordingly.

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