IBWM Convention, D-2 Standard, Deadline for Barbados flagged vessels

C24009 | 28 March 2024

Notice to: Ship Owners / Managers/ Operators /Surveyors/ Auditors :

As advised under our Circular C24008 – International Ballast Water Management Convention , D-2 Standard, the deadline for compliance with the D-2 standard (installation of Ballast Water Management System) is 08 September 2024. We also noted that several Flag Administrations have already warned that no extensions will be granted beyond this final date.

Some Flag States have issued further guidance and are taking a very strict approach to this, notably the Barbados Maritime Ship Registry (BMSR) which has advised that:

  • They shall not issue any further extensions to vessels that have already been issued an extension of more than twelve (12) months.
  • Any requests for an extension will be limited to three (3) months, after which the vessel will immediately be deleted from the Registry if a BWMS has not been installed onboard.
  • To avoid any problems with PSC authorities, the BMSR has set a deadline of 08 August 2024 for vessels under their flag to comply with the D-2 Standard. Any vessel not meeting this deadline will be deleted from the Registry. There will be no exceptions.


Act now

Ship Owners/Managers of vessels to which the IBWM Convention applies are urged to take note of the above and ensure compliance on time, irrespective of the Flag of the vessel.

Surveyors/Auditors when attending onboard should determine the status of the vessel’s compliance with the D-2 standard, and where appropriate, remind all concerned of the need for timely action

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