ISOLA Final Event

Dromon Bureau of Shipping Contributes to Groundbreaking ISOLA Project, Enhancing Maritime Security

09 May 2024

Dromon Bureau of Shipping (DBS) is proud to announce its successful participation in the final demonstration and testing of the EU-funded ISOLA program. This innovative initiative utilizes cutting-edge technology to elevate situational awareness for Ship Security Officers and crew, empowering them to address threats more effectively.

The ISOLA platform integrates advanced sensor networks with advanced analytics to identify and respond to a wide range of security threats onboard passenger vessels. Pilot use cases simulated scenarios involving:

  • Integrated sensor networks deployed throughout the ship’s infrastructure
  • Dangerous security incidents
  • Terrorist attacks and other malicious actions.


The successful demonstrations were the result of the work of forty four (44) months of dedicated research, development and collaboration in the demanding sector of Maritime Security. The results showcased ISOLA’s ability to significantly enhance vessel security by providing precise and reliable threat response capabilities.

The project’s success hinged on the collaborative efforts of various EU organizations, including technology firms, universities, maritime security experts, and research institutions. The pilot tests provided invaluable insights, demonstrably improving maritime safety through the ISOLA system.

Dromon is proud to have significantly contributed to the project’s achievements. Our contribution was valued, providing ISOLA with expertise and experience in Marine Vessels and Systems Surveying, as well as ensuring that the products and services aligned with international maritime regulations.

As the ISOLA project concludes, it establishes a lasting legacy of innovation and international cooperation. DBS extends its gratitude to all consortium members and participants, who contributed to this groundbreaking initiative, setting a new standard for maritime security solutions globally.

Beyond ISOLA, Dromon Bureau of Shipping actively participates in numerous research and innovation initiatives. This commitment underscores our dedication to staying at the forefront of the maritime industry and developing solutions that enhance safety, security and environmental protection at sea. We believe in fostering a sustainable future for the maritime sector, and our research efforts encompass areas like cleaner technologies and improved operational practices to minimize the industry’s environmental footprint.

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