Cook Islands – Declaration of Maritime Labour Convention Part I

C24024 | 08 May 2024

Notice to: Ship Owners / Managers/ Operators / Surveyors / Auditors :

The Cook Islands have issued a Circular 291/2024 advising that following their accession to the MLC Convention, their Maritime MLC Rules have been amended, as has the Declaration of Maritime Compliance Part 1 (DMLC I).

The Circular includes the relevant Cook Islands Maritime Regulations as well as a sample of the DMLC I.

The new DMLC I will be issued by the Administration within 3 months before the first mandatory MLC inspection and sent to the Owners and the RO in charge of the MLC Certification, along with an editable DMLC II.

Shipowners are to submit to the Administration and to the relevant RO the completed DMLC II within 30 days before the first mandatory MLC Inspection. The RO will check the DMLC II during the first mandatory MLC inspection, as per their specific procedures.

Owners and managers can request to be provided with the new DMLC I (and the editable DMLC II) earlier than 3 months before the first mandatory MLC inspection.

Owners and managers can also request that the new DMLC II be checked earlier than the first mandatory MLC inspection through an additional MLC inspection.

The Administration may issue the new DMLC Part I and request the amended DMLC Part II to be submitted at an earlier stage under special circumstances (e.g. MLC focused PSC Concentrated Campaign).

The Circular also advises that Inspection and Certification applies to the following types of vessels:

  1. Commercial and Dual registered yachts equal or over 500 GT;
  2. Passenger vessels regardless of their GT;
  3. All other vessels equal or over 200 GT, ordinarily engaged in commercial activities.
  4. All vessels under voluntary certification


Other vessels will be provided with a copy of the DMLC Part I as a guideline for the proper implementation of the MLC national standards onboard.

Act now

Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators should take note of the contents of the circular and ensure timely submission of the DMLC II.

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