Paris MoU Focused Inspection Campaign – Fire Doors

C24032 | 03 July 2024

This Circular is issued to advise that the Paris MoU is trialling an alternative approach to the regular Concentrated Inspection Campaigns (CICs) by conducting several short, targeted inspection campaigns called “Focused Inspection Campaigns (FICs)”. After completion of the trials, the results, ease of implementation, and effectiveness will be assessed and, on this basis, further decisions will be made on inspection campaigns and their format. Part of the trial also involves assessing whether or not to pre-announce the inspection campaigns.

FICs are conducted on each inspection during the period of the campaign, and therefore more than one FIC may be carried out over the period.

During the month of July 2024, such an unannounced FIC is being run to check that Fire Doors are being maintained in good working order.

During the period of the campaign Port State Control Officers will be checking items such as:

  • Verifying that fire door control panel indicators, if provided, are functional;
  • Testing a sample of fire doors for local and remotely controlled operation;
  • Checking if self-closing fire doors are improperly lashed in the open position;
  • Checking that doors close and latch properly;
  • Checking that doors fitted in boundary bulkheads of machinery spaces of Category A are reasonably gastight and self-closing;
  • Checking that fire doors have the appropriate fire resistance for the bulkhead in which they are fitted – Class A or B.


Act now

Ship Owners/ Managers/ Operators/ Surveyors/ Auditors are to take note of the Campaign and ensure that Ship’s Crews trading within the Paris MoU area are aware of the FIC, and special attention is paid to ensuring that Fire Doors are properly maintained.

Surveyors should particularly check the above-mentioned items. A dedicated checklist has been prepared in this respect and will be included in all survey assignments in July 2024.

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