The first step for compliance with the EU-MRV Regulation is the assessment of the monitoring plan.  By 31 August 2017, you shall submit to DBS a monitoring plan for each of your ships indicating the method chosen to monitor and report CO2 emissions and other relevant information.

Content of the monitoring plan

The monitoring plan shall consist of a complete and transparent documentation of the monitoring method for the ship concerned and shall contain information on the CO2 emission sources on board, a description of the procedures, systems and responsibilities used to update the list of CO2 emission sources over the reporting period as well as a description of the procedures used to ensure the completeness of the list of voyages, the fuel consumption, emission factors used for each fuel type, activity data per voyage and how surrogate data for closing data gaps is determined.

You shall use standardised monitoring plans based on templates developed by the European Union (EU) set out in Annex I of the Commission’s Delegated Regulation 2016/1927 (download below).

You may split the monitoring plan into a company-specific part and a ship-specific part, provided that all elements set out in Annex I of the Delegated Regulation 2016/1927 are covered.  The information contained in the company-specific part, which may include tables B.3, B.6, D, E and F.1 of Annex I of the Delegated Regulation 2016/1927, shall be applicable to each of the ships for which you have submitted a monitoring plan.

DBS IKE procedure for the assessment of monitoring plans

DBS IKE will request a series of supporting documents along with the submitted monitoring plan.  Upon reviewing all submitted documentation, a Verification Plan will be submitted to you for review and approval.

Verification plan

As part of the assessment programme the verification plan includes:

  1. information on site visit(s) including a description of what activities will be performed onsite and what activities off-site, as well as information on the systems and processes to be checked and interviews to be performed;
  2. the way we plan to check the completeness of information in the monitoring plan.

Site visits

DBS IKE shall carry out site visits in order to gain sufficient understanding of the procedures described in the monitoring plan and validate that the information therein is accurate.  We will determine the location or locations of the site visit after taking into consideration the place where the critical mass of relevant data is stored, including electronic or hard copies of documents of which the originals are kept on the ship, and the place where data-flow activities are carried out.  In case we waive a site visit you will be informed about this decision in advance.  Specific conditions apply for waiving a site visit.

Independent Review

DBS IKE performs an independent review ensuring that the monitoring plan has been assessed in accordance with the requirements of the EU-MRV Regulation and that due professional care and judgment has been exercised.  The independent Verifier will not be part of the assessment team.

Review Letter

Upon confirmation that all assessment activities have been completed and conclude whether the monitoring plan provides a fair view on the ship’s monitoring and reporting system and is in conformity with the EU-MRV Regulation, we will issue a Review Letter.


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Assessment of the Monitoring Plan

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