The basic principle and commitment of Dromon Bureau of Shipping (DBS) and the philosophy of its people is to provide customer and interested parties with quality services that fulfil their needs and expectations, to comply with relevant legal and other requirements, and to achieve the set targets for Health & Safety.

In order to achieve the above, the Management has established a Health & Safety System according to the requirements of the International Occupational Health and Safety (ISO 45001:2018) Standard, in reference to the following scope: Inspections for the classification of sea-going ships, barges and floating crafts, and their equipment, Statutory inspections and services delegated by national maritime authorities. Approval of drawings, manuals and studies for ships” (45001), which is applied in all processes that can affect its services’ quality, employee and interested party health/safety and welfare.

This Health & Safety Policy Statement summarizes the goals and commitments of Dromon Bureau of Shipping (DBS) and its owners, as well as the requirements and expectations of staff, associates, partners, subcontractors and third parties involved in the company’s activities, in relation to Occupational Health & Safety. The goal of the Dromon Bureau of Shipping (DBS) Health & Safety Policy is to continuously improve the level of Health & Safety and to prevent, as far as reasonably possible, the conditions or events that may result in:

  1. Injury or illness of employees;
  2. Injury or illness of others involved in the activities;
  3. Injury or illness of customers and other third parties;
  4. damage, deterioration, destruction of equipment, facilities, property;

To achieve the above, the Company’s Management is committed to the following:

  1. Compliance with legal requirements.
  2. The development, installation, implementation and continuous improvement of a Health & Safety Management System for the facilities and activities of the company, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 45001.
  3. The provision of safe and healthy working conditions, by eliminating hazards for the prevention of work-related accidents and ill health.
  4. The encouragement of regular consultation and participation of workers and their representatives.
  5. Training and informing its personnel to achieve safety consciousness regarding all activities of the
  6. To assure and Health & Safety of its employees and other affected parties, by implementing proven risk prevention measures based on risk assessment and the conduct of regular safety inspections.
  7. The assignment to all staff of tasks, roles and obligations for Health & Safety issues.
  8. The training of all staff in matters of Health & Safety, depending on their position and respective duties.
  9. The provision of the required resources for the implementation of the Health & Safety Management System and for the achievement of its aims and objectives.
  10. The establishment, implementation, and maintenance of all processes needed to prepare for and respond to potential Health & Safety emergency situations.
  11. The elaboration and continuous monitoring and evaluation of Health & Safety programs.
  12. Defining clear, measurable, realistic and time-bound goals and objectives and taking any action required to achieve them.
  13. The review of this Policy with the aim of continuously improving the level of Health and Safety.

This Policy is available to all staff, and all affected interested parties. It is regularly reviewed to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate to the purpose, size, and context of the Organization and to the specific nature of its risks. All employees are encouraged to read it and communicate any query to the Company’s Health and Safety Representative. Dromon Bureau of Shipping (DBS) monitors and complies with the national legislation as part of its efforts to prevent infectious diseases in the workplace.