We place the utmost importance on the integrity, impartiality and potential conflicts of interests in carrying out its activities.

Persons and organizations external to DBS have no undue influence on the outcome of inspections or verifications. We refuse activities that may endanger the trust in our independence and integrity of activities.

We require personnel, internal and external, as well as any committees to reveal any situation known to them that may expose them or DBS to a conflict of interest.  All personnel, internal and external can inform directly the Impartiality Committee on any impartiality or conflict of interest concern that has been identified.

We are fully independent and not linked to any party directly involved in the design, manufacture, supply, installation, purchase, ownership, use or maintenance of the items inspected, verified that could compromise the confidentiality, objectivity or impartiality of its inspection and verification processes and decisions.

We identify specific impartiality threats arising from our activities, or from our relationships, or from the relationships of our personnel and how to minimize or eliminate the risks.

We ensure that adequate financial resources are available and accessible in order to implement, maintain and provide services.

Our people and other specialists are provided with the materials, equipment and the organizational independence required to perform their tasks in compliance with national and international standards and business ethics.  We record the authors of all documents and records.

We obtain all financial support from our customers by the fees we charge for our services.  We emphasize competence and impartiality in our culture, policies, procedures and practices for personnel hiring, training, promotion, retention and rewarding.  Compensation of our people engaged in inspection, and verification activities does not directly depend on work results nor on the amount of activities carried out.

We accept payment only from customers and only for services that support our customers’ reputation with our own independent technical competence, our neutral requirements-based findings and our certifications.

We have identified and assessed risk of all relationships which may result in a conflict of interest or pose a threat to impartiality.  We perform an annual risk assessment on impartiality and conflict of interest, which is reviewed by the Impartiality Committee.  This is an independent committee made up of members representing our key interests.  In addition, we are conducting a pre-engagement risk assessment to evaluate any impartiality or conflict of interest prior any requested service.

Conflict of interest and objectivity is addressed further through annual training sessions and contractually binding agreements to ensure that all activities undertaken throughout our services are conducted in an independent and impartial manner.

Our aim is to inspire confidence in our activities to its clients and the public at large by being impartial, employing competent people, being responsive to complaints, being open, providing access to relevant information gathered, fairness, transparency of processes and maintaining confidentiality.

Appeals and Complaints

If you believe that DBS failed to match the level of expectation or you disagree with the results of the offered service or for any other reason you can follow our complaints and appeals procedure.  This will help DBS to improve its service delivery in the future.