Our Name

History over 1,000 years

The “Dromon”, Middle English “dromond” and Old French “dromont”, described any particularly large medieval ship. “Dromon” were the most important warships of the Byzantine navy from the 6th to the 12th centuries AD.

They were indirectly developed from the ancient trireme and were usually propelled by both oars and sails, a configuration that had been used by navies in the Mediterranean Sea for centuries.

Dromon came in many different forms and sizes. She had two or three masts, was two-decked, and could be up to 55 metres long and six metres wide. The ship was manned according to its type and dimensions. Some could carry 100, 200 or even 300 men of whom some were marines who in battle were supported by a number of the rowers.

Our Logo

DBS ideogram under the magnifier

Dromon Bureau of Shipping’s logo (ideogram) aims to represent our vision and services.

The Globe on the left denotes world-wide representation. On the right, a semi balancing-scale in combination with an anchor declares the inspection and verification in the maritime sector.

The colours, Blue and Green have been carefully selected to promote “Mare Mundus”, a Latin expression meaning “Clean Seas”.

All symbolism items captured in a rectangular shape conveys who we are and what we do.

Quality | Impartiality | Consistency | Competence