We can assist and prepare your vessel prior a Port State Control (PSC) inspection. Our know-how and expertise on PSC matters has given us the necessary capability to support and help you avoid possible deficiencies that may result in detention.

In case your vessel is facing a problem during a PSC inspection, Dromon can liaise with the PSC Officers to:

  1. ensure uniformity of interpretation of class and statutory requirements
  2. assist in the rectification of reported hardware deficiencies or other discrepancies
  3. review the propose actions with respect to safety management system non-conformities

Every year we are releasing publications on PSC matters. Our PSC Publications include an analysis of frequent deficiencies and other related information. Moreover, our PSC Circulars include up to date news from port state control authorities to be always informed.

Our Flag and Port State Control Department has developed a checklist to help you prepare your ship for such a PSC inspection.

PSC Preventive Inspection Scheme

Our Port State Control (PSC) Preventive Inspection Scheme aims to:

  1. eliminate the number of deficiencies on board our fleet;
  2. identify in advance of a PSC inspection any possible deficiency and therefore reduce the likehood of a detention; and
  3. follow up deficiencies/ recommendations imposed by our Surveyors or PSC Authorities during previous inspections.

Ships certified by DromonClass

Eligible to the scheme is every DromonClass ship that calls a port of a PSC Authority of Paris MoU, Black Sea MoU and Med MoU and has been detained in 2017.  A ship that has been registered in our PSC Preventive Inspection Scheme will remain for one (1) calendar year subject to the fact that it has not suffered further detention(s).

What the scheme involves

DromonClass PSC Preventive Inspection Scheme requires an occasional survey on board the ship every four (4) months at a convenient port of call. During our attendance the Surveyor:

  1. will use our PSC Checklist that can be found here;
  2. will identify possible deficiencies as well as detainable deficiencies; and
  3. review corrective actions for deficiencies imposed during previous schedule surveys and/or PSC inspections.

Any identified deficiency during a PSC Preventive Inspection Scheme survey will be recorded at the official survey status report of the ship. You will be able to review the list of deficiencies through ERETES platform.

In case the due date of the ship for a PSC Preventive Inspection Scheme survey falls within the window of a schedule survey (for e.g. annual/ intermediate surveys etc.) then the schedule surveys will be carried out.  The required PSC Preventive Inspection Scheme survey will follow four (4) months after the date of completion of the scheduled surveys.

Compliance schedule and effective date

Your will be informed and follow up the date that the ship is due for PSC Preventive Inspection Scheme survey through ERETES Platform. Under surveys tab, you will be able to review the date that each ship is due for PSC Preventive Inspection Scheme survey.

It is important to note that the occasional survey must be completed fifteen (15) days before or after the due date shown in the survey status report. A window of 30 days is provided for the ship to be at convenient port of call for the occasional survey to be completed.

As stated above, in case a ship does not suffer further detentions for one (1) calendar year, the ship will automatically be removed from the scheme and you will be informed.

Ships not certified by DromonClass

If your ship is not certified by DromonClass but you wish to be registered under our PSC Preventive Inspection Scheme, we may facilitate this service. Through our network of surveyors/ auditors we can conduct occasional surveys in all major ports ensuring ongoing compliance. In addition, we can provide access to our online ERETES platform to review the results of the inspections and follow up.

How we can assist

We have the competence and network of surveyors to assist and support you during a PSC inspection.  We may assist you in reducing deficiencies on board your fleet and register your vessels under our scheme. By registering to our PSC Preventive Inspection Scheme you are preventing possible deficiencies that may also lead to a detention.


PSC Publications
Visit our website to download the latest publications
IMO Guidelines for ISM Code inspections
Read our circular on IMO guidelines to PSC officers
IMO Guidelines for Procedures for Port State Control, 2019
Read IMO guidelines
Download our Circular on frequent deficiencies imposed by Paris, Tokyo and Black Sea MoUs
DBS PSC Inspection Checklist
 Download our latest PSC inspection checklist

PSC Authorities

 Paris MoU
Visit the Paris MoU website
US Coast Guard MoU
US Coast Guard MoU
Black Sea MoU
Visit Black Sea MoU website
Mediterranean MoU
Visit the Mediterranean MoU website
 Tokyo MoU
Visit Tokyo MoU website
Caribbean MoU
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