The Quality, Safety and Pollution Prevention Policy of Dromon Bureau of Shipping (DBS) focuses on the provision of reliable quality services, related to ship classification, statutory and greenhouse gas emissions to enhance the safety of life, property, and the environment at sea and land.

This is achieved through the development and application of Rules and Regulations as well as compliance with International Conventions and Codes and other recognized standards, with sound technical judgment and by the proper use of procedures and allocation of resources that ensure impartiality and independence and at the same time the Policy meets the requirements and expectations of customers and other interested parties.

The Management has established a Management System in reference to the following scope: Inspections for the classification of sea-going ships, barges and floating crafts, and their equipment, Statutory inspections and services delegated by national maritime authorities. Approval of drawings, manuals, and studies for ships(9001). Inspection and classification of existing sea-going ships, barges and floating crafts, with their equipment (17020). Validation and Verification of Environmental Information (14065). Validation and Verification Body (17029). The main objectives of DBS are:

  1. The promotion of the safety of human life and ships at sea and the protection of the environment and marine life in the public interest of all, where DBS through obtaining authorization from the respective government authorities carries out inspections.
  2. The assurance and control of the independence, impartiality and prescribed quality of the services provided to its customers with the technical and qualitative characteristics resulting from the current and future needs of the market and the applicable National & International standards.
  3. The continuous improvement of the Quality and Characteristics of the offered services but also of the Quality in all the activities and procedures of the Organization with respect to Rules and Regulations, International, Regional and National Administrations Conventions, Codes, Resolutions and guidelines.

In order to achieve the above objectives, the Management of DBS:

  1. Implements a Quality-of-Service Management System and commits to comply with all applicable requirements including International Standards ISO/IEC 9001, ISO/IEC 17020, ISO/IEC 14065 and ISO 14064-3 in line with RO Code, EU Regulation (2067/2018 & 757/2015) and UK MRV Regulation, through effective design and monitoring methods of the achieved quality and specifications, at all stages of the provision of the services;
  2. Confirms its commitment to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system;
  3. Sets measurable objective targets in a corporate and functional level of the Divisions, as well as regarding the services and goods provided. These objectives are established and evaluated according to their level of achievement after the Management System is reviewed by the CEO of the
  4. Identifies external and internal factors that determine the context of the Organization, which is updated and revised to address operational risks and take advantage of opportunities and measures where necessary.
  5. Commits to ensure sufficient availability of resources for all the required appropriate materials, technology, equipment and human resources in accordance with the high standards of each Service offered including commitment to comply with all applicable requirements;
  6. Focuses on the reduction, and if possible, elimination of qualitative customers’, associates’, and subcontractors’
  7. Training and informing its personnel to achieve quality and environmental consciousness regarding all activities of the
  8. Faithfully follows the technological developments and constantly invests in the modernization of the services it provides and its equipment, ensuring the service validation;
  9. Staff training on technical fields and the quality assurance, promotes and encourages the acquisition of the organization’s philosophy;
  10. Controls the proper implementation of Quality Management procedures as a Classification Society;
  11. Has assigned to the Quality and Health & Safety Manager the responsibility of monitoring the Quality Management System as well as its readjustment and development as required;
  12. Collects, analyses and reviews all the data derived from either internal or external factors during Management Reviews, which includes a framework for reviewing quality objectives;
  13. Develops, monitors and updates Rules and Regulations as well as other National Administrations and International Codes and Standards for the Classification and Statutory certification and services.

All employees are responsible for ensuring the commitment of the classification society to Quality, while making a continuous effort to improve the services provided. The above policy is reviewed at regular intervals as to its continued suitability. DBS communicates the policy and the quality objectives to all the involved parties within the Organisation, including provisions applicable to statutory certification and other services and ensure that it is understood within the Organization.