Dromon Bureau of Shipping IKE has been accredited under the ISO 14065 and can provide worldwide services related to Regulation (EU) 2015/757 on the monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon dioxide emissions from maritime transport (known as the EU-MRV Regulation).

DBS IKE can offer services relating to the assessment of monitoring plans, verification of the emissions reports and issue the require Document of Compliance (DoC) to each ship. Our worldwide presence can support on time compliance with the EU-MRV Regulation.

The EU-MRV Regulation applies to ships above 5,000 GT, irrespective of flag undertaking one or more commercial voyages into, out of or between EU ports. It requires per-voyage monitoring of CO2 emissions as well as annual disclosure of aggregated data on a ship basis.

The recent amendments on the EU ETS have significantly influenced the EU MRV framework and the way emissions are monitored and reported and as a result, a bigger emphasis is placed on accurate monitoring and reporting practices. The presentation will explore the main features and applicability of both the EU ETS and EU MRV frameworks with a focus on the implications for the key players of the systems, shedding light on the key obligations they will encounter. Understanding the relationship between the EU ETS and EU MRV is crucial for navigating the complexities of emissions management and achieving a sustainable future.  A short video explaining the applicable regulations can be found here.


DBS Accreditation on EU-MRV Regulation
ESYD accredited Verification Bodies
DBS FAQ on EU-MRV Regulation
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Regulation (EU) 2015/757
 Download the EU-MRV Regulation
Regulation (EU) 2016/1928
Download the Implementing Regulation on the determination of cargo carried per ship type
Download the Delegated Regulation on the verification activities and accreditation of verifiers
 Download the Implementing Regulation on templates for monitoring plans, emissions reports and document of compliance
Download the Delegated Regulation amending EU-MRV Regulation Annexes I & II

Assessment of the Monitoring Plan

Verification of the emission report