Celebrating the World Maritime Day. This year theme is “Empowering Women in the Maritime Community”.

“As you all appreciate for many years shipping was a male-dominated industry. For decades the lack of encouragement and social perceptions obstructed women access to maritime training and employment opportunities in the maritime sector. In the last decade the industry had set the ground for having more women in the workplace which proved beneficial for the industry as a whole and for men and women. Dromon Bureau of Shipping from the date of establishment greatly supported the gender-diversity across the Organization. After so many years I would say that gender-diversity it is the correct path which can enhance productivity and efficiency. We have access to a wider talent pool since we are not missing out the talent and abilities of the half of the population. Having both women and men we are greatly benefited from the different points view and approaches. Today we are celebrating the world maritime day for empowering women in the maritime community and I would say that nowadays the demand of the best talent in our industry is higher than ever, our role is to exercise all means to encourage a more gender-diversity.” Mr Andreas Nicolaou stated.