• January 15, 2015

#PSC_Notification 002 / Paris MoU Preliminary Results of the CIC on STCW Hours of Rest

The Paris MoU on PSC has issued the preliminary results from the Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on STCW Hours of Rest, carried out between Sep...
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IMO FAQ on the sulphur limits in Emission Control Areas (ECAs)

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has published Frequently Asked Questions about sulphur limits in ECAs applicable from January 1, 2015....
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  • December 30, 2014

#PSC_Notification 005 / Dromon BS CIC on Safety of Navigation

As already been informed through Dromon BS Circular C14037, a CIC on Safety of Navigation has been......
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SOPEP and SMPEP list of national operational contact points

Following Dromon C13015, this circular contains the updated contact list to be included as an appendix to SOPEP and SMPEP shipboard pollution emergenc...
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IMMARBE requirements for security training of seafarers

IMMARBE has issued an official notice with regards to the new STCW Convention Regulation VI/6 requirements, the security training for seafarers....
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IMMARBE requirements for Minimum Safe Manning

IMMARBE has adopted the IMO Res. A.1047(27) with regards to the principles of minimum safe manning. Existing vessels should be re-issued with the new ...
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